Color Blind Test

Kids color blind test

Kids color blind test

The test consists of showing 12 animals image.

Click to button Start to start kids color blind test

Example: This animal is a Butterfly.

Note: Please select the correct option you see in the image. Please try to choose within 3 sec.
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What is Kids color blind test


When should a child get their color vision tested?

Color blindness in children can be difficult to diagnose. Colorblind children may try to conceal their condition. However, being colorblind might make it difficult to read from a chalkboard or perform other activities, so if you're concerned, have your child tested.

If your child has a family history of color blindness or is having difficulty learning colors, have them tested.

Request that your child's eyes be tested. You can also get your child tested at school. 

What are the signs of colorblindness in children?

  • Using the incorrect colors, for example, when painting or drawing.
  • Difficulty distinguishing between red and green colored pencils or pens.
  • Light sensitivity, particularly to strong lights.
  • Reading and working on colored worksheets or pages is difficult.


How to perform the Kid Colors Blind Test

Step 1: Choose a time of day when your child will be attentive and able to focus on the exam for up to 5 minutes without distractions.

Step 2: Place the youngster in a comfortable position with a clear view of the computer screen (or tablet or phone). They should be staring at the screen straight on, not at an angle. The incorrect view may have an impact on the test outcomes.

Step 3: Adjust the screen brightness to a good degree of brightness that is not washed away by sunlight or another room's lighting. A dimly lit room is perfect. If you have a mobile device, set the brightness of the screen to medium or high by hand.

If your child is too young to control the mouse on their own, the adult should "drive," with the child's duty being to describe what they see.

Step 4: We recommend using the "symbol" mode for younger children who do not yet know the numbers. This mode displays one of three symbols: square, circle, or triangle. For the older child, you can use images of animals, fruits, food, and so on.


The typical kid's vision test includes 11 trials, each with a hidden image of a cute animal. The number of successful trials represents the ability to learn and distinguish different colors. The table below verifies how well your kid’s color vision is.