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Reaction time test

Try our free online test to improve your reaction time, including working on your hand-eye coordination and quick response drills.
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What is Reaction time test

Reaction time is the delay between the presentation of a stimulus and the commencement of a voluntary motor response. The measurement of response time provides an indication of the central nervous system's integrity and processing capacity. It is an indirect measure of the central nervous system's processing capabilities and a simple instrument for determining the motor–sensory relationship and related functions of an individual. In reality, the ability to identify or distinguish a single visual input with a single response can be evaluated by evaluating basic visual reaction time.

Reaction time is used to evaluate a person's health and keep track of their condition throughout their daily lives. This is done to improve mental activities, decision-making, and planning that are needed for driving, playing sports, and other activities that require high concentration and speed in making instant decisions. 

How to do the Reaction Time Test

Reaction Time Test is used to determine how quickly you respond to different colors. You will see a geometric shape appear randomly on the screen; it can be a triangle, a circle, a square, and so on, in different colors. Your task is to click on the colored geometric shape as quickly as you can.

The time of your response will be recorded and displayed on the screen.



This tool provides you with a specific function in that you can keep track of your results and see your full history of reaction times. 

Tips to increase the Reaction Time Test’s score

If you wish to enhance your quick response time, consider the following advice.

The very first tip is a physical practice. The greatest approach to enhancing reaction speeds is by engaging in physical exercise. There are numerous methods to physically train your body to react to time. Choose a sport and practice it.

The second tip is to stay calm. Meditation and tranquility can be good for enhancing reaction time. By meditating and remaining calm, you are able to sharpen your brain's focus and react rapidly to minute details. Therefore, maintaining silence might improve your reaction speed and have a significant effect.

Furthermore, practice is the best and most efficient technique to develop your quick response. This cannot be accomplished without frequent practice. Take the test and constantly practice it to improve your response time score and become an expert in your favorite sport. 


Your reaction time can be easily measured with this straightforward test. According to the data that has been gathered up until this point, the typical or median amount of time needed to react is 273 milliseconds. That means if your response time is shorter than the aforementioned time, you are reacting quickly. Otherwise, if your response time is longer than 0.273 seconds, you need to practice more. The below table shows the detailed results: